Pilot Episode

Show Number: 1
Show Date: 9/12/2018
Show Title: Transformed Life Pilot Episode

The Podcast show that believes that you can live a Transformed life every day.

Show Outline

Music branding: We are hoping to get some branding music for this podcast – please be patient. Our goal is to find something that will grab you, and something that when you hear it you will think of this podcast. For now, you’ll have to live with what we are using as our introduction.

Introduction: Are you living a transformed life, or do you feel defeated? Welcome to today’s show – We are going to provide you with some tools for living the Transformed Life.

Ask for personal interaction. Engage your audience.

Feature Segments:

• A Key Bible verse for Transformed Living: Romans 12:2

– Do not be conformed to this world – pattern yourself after this world.
– Be transformed – metamorphosis – from the inside out.
– Renewing of your mind – think differently.
– Prove what is good, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

• A Key Biblical Principle for Transformed Living: Renewed Mind

– What do you put into your mind?
– Military – GIGO – Garbage in, Garbage out
– Put new information into your mind
– You are what you think – therefore think differently
– Read and study the Bible – a Biblical mindset
Have a time – Morning, Noon, Evening
Have a place – Bedroom, Kitchen table, Office
Have a plan – Old Testament, New Testament, Bible doctrine, Bible people, Promises of God, Devotional.
Have a purpose – Spiritual growth, maturity.
– Two examples: Colossians 3:2, Philippians 4:8

• Future Podcasts – Interviews with Transformed People:
• Transformed Feedback: Share emails, and phone calls
• Book Offers for Transformed Lives: Breaking Bad with chapter titles:

– Anger
– Backbiting
– Bitterness
– Complaining
– Covetousness
– Fear
– Gossip
– Hopelessness
– Laziness
– Pornography
– Profanity
– Shame

I wrote this book for the specific purpose of helping believers to live the Transformed Life.

This book is available at Amazon.com. Type the following title in the search bar: Breaking Bad by Kim Alexander.

Show Wrap Up:

• Thank the audience for listening
• Welcome feedback
• Where to find show notes – transformedlifepodcast.com
• Call to Action – Write us an email us at transformedlifepodcast@gmail.com with your feedback of today’s show.
• Outro Music

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